Useful Facebook groups

Secret Jerusalem/ Secret Tel Aviv

These Facebook groups are a great resource for finding information about stores, movers, restaurants, events going on around the major cities. 

צריכים משהו

This is a group made up of Israelis of different ages, backgrounds, and locations. This group is helpful when trying to find help or an answer to a question that isn’t limited to location.

אנשים טובים למען חיילים בודדים

This group is designed to help out lone soldiers. If one is looking for furniture, movers, or help in general, this group is full of people wanting to help. 

Brides to be Israel

Mazel tov! Starting to plan your wedding? This group is a place to ask for recommendations about locations, photographers, make up, dresses, and all the other relevant questions about planning a wedding in Israel.

Living financially smarter in Israel

This group is used to ask questions about finances and taxes. 

Buy, Sell, Swap

This group one can find second hand furniture. Moreover, one can sell items or furniture he no longer wants in this group 

A word of advice- before purchasing any item, go look at the item to make sure the item is what is actually being advertised. 

Tripping in Israel

This group is full of recommendations of places to go in israel. From hikes to museums to activities, this group has first hand reviews and pictures of the experience. 



When looking for an apartment in Israel simply type “ Apartments for rent Jerusalem” “ דירות להשכרה תל אביב” 

Many facebook groups will pop up, you should join all that are relevant. Important to really be on top of the groups because a good apartment does not stay online for a long time. 


Useful Websites 

  1.  – A website made easy for olim to search for apartments
  2.  – If searching for an apartment, secondhand items and even cars, this website is the place to go. Make sure you check the website often, as items can be taken very fast. 
  3. – A great website to look for second hand furniture.
  4. – Before starting the army, this website has explanations from what to expect on the Tzav Rishon to different jobs to what to bring when drafting.