Natalie Singer – Project Director

Natalie’s background is in public relations in both the public and private sectors. She originally made Aliyah from the UK, and holds a BA from Hebrew University and an MA from Tel Aviv University. She worked at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv for 8 years, specializing in public relations and marketing, promoting bilateral ties in culture, business and more. She lived in America for a few years, working in the educational sector and now lives in Modi’in with her family.

Shira Glass – Program Coordinator

Shira has a Masters Degree in Special Education. She has worked in various schools in both New York and New Jersey before making Aliyah from Bergenfield, New Jersey with her family in 2017 to Modiin. Shira has extensive experience in working with children and understanding their needs. Since making Aliyah, Shira has been a resource to those who are considering or have recently made Aliyah. She is excited for the opportunity to join this organization and to truly help all those who need assistance.

Hanna Falgarova – Absorption Team Coordinator

Hanna was born in Donetsk, Ukraine and made Aliyah in 2020. She completed her military service in the International Relations Unit of the IDF. She has a BA in Management and Marketing and has also worked as a caretaker for both children and senior citizens. Hanna is now eager to help Olim from Ukraine and other countries, and communication won’t be an issue, as she speaks five languages!

Yulia Shor – Absorption Advisor

Yulia has made aliyah in 2014 from Odessa, Ukraine. Since then she has gained extensive experience working in the Israeli government sector. Yulia received her MA degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from The Hebrew University and during the COVID-19 outbreak has started teaching Hebrew to new immigrants from the FSU countries and running a blog about Israel. She lives in Jerusalem.

Anna Sedova – Absorption Advisor

Anna made Aliyah in 2017 from Kiev. She has a Masters Degree in Audiovisual Arts and Media Communications.
During her first years in Israel Anna gained experience in operations and global international communications in the high tech environment working with business partners and clients all over the world.

Arina Teplenko – Absorption Advisor

Arina made Aliyah from Dnipro, Ukraine. She has a bachelors degree in computer science. Arina worked for several Jewish organizations in Ukraine in the field of education including being a Madricha for the Jewish Agency.

Lolita Viller – Absorption Advisor

Lolita was born in Moscow, Russia and made Aliyah in 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Lolita was a member of the European Youth Parliament project and has vast experience communicating with people of different backgrounds and cultures using her knowledge of several languages.

Veronika Beskaravaina – Absorption Advisor

Veronika moved to Israel in 2018 from Kharkiv, Ukraine and made Aliyah a year later. She spent her school years traveling around the world, learning about other cultures, history and languages. During her service in International Affairs in the IDF, she has gained experience in public relations, decision making and problem solving. At the moment Veronika can’t wait to share her knowledge about Israel with each and every new immigrant who might need help.