Yad L’Olim empowers Olim to thrive in Israel. We advocate for Olim, their families, and global Jewry in the hall of the Knesset, the Israeli government, and city halls. We work with Israel’s leaders to make policy changes to benefit these populations and to enable them to gain the tools they need to succeed in Israel and have an impact on the Jewish state’s future.

We also help Olim navigate Israel’s complicated bureaucracies to ensure that Israel’s new immigrants gain access to all basic services, benefits, and rights to which they are entitled. Yad L’Olim creates a caring address to provide Olim with the guidance and support that they need to thrive in Israel.

Our Goals

  • Yad L’Olim works to change government policy to benefit Olm, their families, and global Jewry.
  • Yad L’Olim represents Olim, their families, and global Jewry in the halls of the Israeli government, raising their voices and making sure that decisions taken the needs of these populations into account.
  • Yad L’Olim ensures that no Oleh is alone, compassionately and determinedly acting to support Olim and their families.
  • Yad L’Olim offers a warm, caring and accessible point of contact to help navigate the complexities of Israeli society and overcome governmental bureaucratic hurdles.