Anyone with Israeli citizenship (including dual citizens) must apply for approval to be able to fly to a country which Israel has labeled as red. (A-class or B-class visa holders can leave Israel for a red country without permission but must apply to the consulate for approval in order to return to Israel from a red country.)

The application for this special approval is done on line using this link:!applicantDetails

The application must be submitted along with the specified documents.


Situations for which an exception to leave Israel may be granted:

  1. Going back to your permanent residence.
  • Declaration of the passenger that he will leave the country for a period exceeding 90 days.
  • Documents attesting to residence abroad.
  1. Funeral of a first-degree relative.
  • An official document from the hospital or funeral home confirming the death of a relative.
  • A photocopy of a certificate attesting to first degree relation (birth certificate)
  • Approval of the burial company confirming the date of burial
  1. Accompanying a first degree relative for a funeral
  • A document indicating a first relative to the person in mourning.
  • A statement of the need to accompany the person in mourning.
  • Immunization / recovery certificate / green pass of the person seeking to accompany the person in mourning.
  • Exceptions committee approval for the person in mourning (number 2 above)
  1. For your own wedding or the wedding of a child
  • Documents attesting to registration for a wedding at an official institution in the destination country that include the details of the bride and groom.
  • For the parents: Documents indicating first-degree relatives to the groom/bride (birth certificate)
  1. Exit for business – businesses that have been defined as essential by a qualified person.
  • Letter from a government office confirming the essential need for travel.
  • Proof that this is the primary livelihood for the family (not official yet, we are lobbying for this)
  1. Receiving essential medical treatment that cannot be delayed for the applicant, or another person dependent on him/her, such as treatment requiring full hospitalization (including hospitalization for the purpose of mental health care) and which is not provided in the country where the applicants are located.
  • A document from the treating institution translated into Hebrew (notarized by a lawyer or a certified physician) in the destination country.
  • A medical document from an Israeli doctor
  • Hospitalization document translated into Hebrew (notarized by attorney or a certified physician)
  1. Going to visit a parent aged 80 and over.
  • Birth certificate attesting to first degree relationship (and birth certificates of parents showing their age)
  1. Assistance to a first-degree relative who is in distress who can’t be helped by anyone else in that country.
  • A medical document indicating the need for relief and urgent assistance to the person in distress.
  • A statement that the needy person is unable to be assisted by another person who is in the destination country.
  • Birth certificates attesting to first degree relationship
  1. Lone Soldiers
  • The documents will be submitted through individual IDF commanders.
  1. Medical treatment provided unique to certain countries, such as organ transplants.
  • Confirmation from an Israeli medical institution or a specialist Israeli doctor about the uniqueness of the treatment.
  • A certificate from the doctor in the destination country translated into Hebrew (notarized by a lawyer or a qualified doctor) on the necessity and uniqueness of the treatment.
  1. Unique rehabilitative care such as treatment done after a unique operation abroad.
  • Confirmation from an Israeli expert doctor on the uniqueness of rehabilitative treatment in the destination country.
  • Approval of the rehabilitation institution or of the expert in the destination country is translated into Hebrew (notarized by a lawyer or a qualified doctor).
  1. Exit of minors to visit parents.
  • Certificate indicating recovery / vaccination of the minor
  • Birth certificate attesting to first degree relationship
  • A document signed by both parents about the necessity of the trip.
  1. Accompanying minors for those who have received a permit under section 19 above
  • Documents attesting to family relation of the accompanying person
  • Confirmation of recovery / vaccination.
  • Exceptions committee approval for the minor to leave (number 12 above
  1. A legal proceeding for a person who is a party to a lawsuit or is required to participate in it and provided that it is not possible to participate remotely.
  • Legal documents proving that the applicant is a party to the proceedings.
  • Affidavit signed in front of an attorney regarding the party involved
  • Proof of the actual existence of the legal procedure, its date and essence.
  • Confirmation from the court that the applicant’s appearance is essential and cannot be pushed off, or alternatively an affidavit signed before an attorney explaining the nature of the legal proceedings and explaining why the applicant’s remote participation is not possible.
  • Subpoena from a court for the arrival of the applicant indicating his urgent obligation to appear and explaining why the hearing cannot be held remotely.
  1. A vital need concerning Israel’s foreign relations or national security – with the approval of the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense or the Prime Minister’s Office, as the case may be.
  • A letter of support from the relevant ministry (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense or Prime Minister’s Office) confirming the necessity.
  1. Citizens or residents who also serve as representatives of various countries / missions of the State of Israel – with the approval of the Ministry of Absorption, the Ministry of Education, youth movements, etc.
  • A document from the sending / authorized body indicating the necessity of the trip.
  • Declaration of the passenger on her/his mission and the necessity of the trip.
  1. Professional athletes (and those accompanying them) for the purpose of participating in the competition:
  • Confirmation from the Ministry of Sports on the athlete’s affiliation and the holding of the competition.
  • Approval from the organization to which the athlete belongs.
  1. Individual professional athletes for participation in international competitions:
  • A document from the organizers of the competition attesting to the existence of the competition and the invitation of the athlete.
  • The athlete’s statement about his unique occupation and the importance of his participation in international competitions.
  1. Going to your primary place of work
  • Supporting documents that show your primary place of work is in the red country
  1. A humanitarian need or a special personal need not mentioned above
  • Letter from a mental health professional or medical doctor explaining the need for the trip to be made at this specific time
  • Documents detailing the need are translated into Hebrew. (With the approval of an attorney or doctor certified).