We at Yad L’Olim have spent the last few days speaking with government authorities to get official answers to questions hundreds have been asking about the November 1 rules. These are the questions and clear answers:

Any non-Israeli who has been vaccinated within the last 6 months before the trip (either 2nd dose or booster)
recovered from Covid within the last 6 months before the trip DIGITAL positive PCR test to prove it (only applies in the EU, (UK not included yet)
recovered from Covid at any time with DIGITAL documentation (again EU only (UK not included yet)) and had one dose of a vaccine within the last 6 months before the trip.

YES! Visa holders (A Class, B class, students, etc) can only enter Israel if they fit into one of the three categories noted in #1 above.

The rules are no different for children than they are for adults. If they have not been vaccinated or recovered with digital documentation within 6 months of the trip they cannot enter Israel at this time.

NO. They can only enter if there is a positive PCR test showing that they had corona within the last 6 months before the trip.

Yes, if that dose was within 6 months of your trip. If it is more than 6 months since that dose you can get a booster from any other manufacturer and then be allowed to enter Israel within 6 months of that booster.

Exceptions will be made for parents to attend weddings of their children and for humanitarian cases such as medical emergencies. To apply for this exception click HERE for the consulate link and you must follow all the instructions for documentation including proof of their being a wedding, proof of relationship to the chatan or kallah, and health insurance that says outright that it includes COVID coverage.

We are pressuring the authorities for more exceptions and will update if we succeed.

You can take off from your country 14 days after the shot. Regarding how to calculate the dates we recommend flying 15 days later to avoid any problems. (Example – vaccination on November 1 don’t fly until November 15)

It will be starting November 15 with special rules which we will post.

No. Simple paper documentation is fine.

NO! It must be an RT PCR test and it must be digital documentation which currently only exists in the EU (UK not included yet).

As of today, October 29, there are no countries on the red list. Yad L’Olim will post and send out updates if this changes.

No, unless it is Johnson and Johnson within 6 months of the trip or the child recovered anytime and had one dose of an accepted vaccine within 6 months of the trip. Otherwise, anyone, including children of all ages must have the full 2 doses, with the second dose within 6 months of the trip or a booster within 6 months of the trip.

Officially yes. Having said that there is always a chance that the new rules will not have reached every gate agent in every city so if one can push their flight to November 1 itself we at Yad L’Olim recommend making that change.

No.  48 hours before the flight they will upload the vaccination or recovery certificate to this Entry Declaration Form:
They will get an automated response allowing them to enter Israel and that email should include the green pass.

No, it can be completed in English. The form will be adapted by the time November 1 comes along to make it more user friendly for its new use.

Because your PCR test results from Ben Gurion Airport are delivered to Israeli cell phones faster than it is sent to emails. You can list the number of a friend or relative in Israel if you don’t have one, and just ask them to be on the lookout for the results after you have taken the test.

NO! You will need a negative PCR test within 72 hours of takeoff for Israel or a lab based antigen test within 24 hours of the flight and will take another PCR test upon arrival in Israel.

There is quarantine until you get the negative PCR from Ben Gurion Airport for until 24 hours – whichever comes first.

YES. They must get a new green pass. The moment a visitor leaves Israel, their green pass is cancelled out regardless of the date of expiration that is written on it.
Yes, but that is technicality.  The new rules will be approved by the government.  Having said that, the rules are always subject to change based on the Covid situation in Israel and abroad.  If you have not already done so and you want to get ACCURATE updates based on our close connections to government officials, please complete and submit this form:
Yad L’Olim will be available to assist you in these situations. Just go to www.yadlolim.org , complete the form, choose corona travel, and explain the problem. Our team will be in touch to guide you and to assist you.

If you hold a valid Israeli passport, you may enter and exit Israel at any time. Negative PCR within 72 hours of the flight or a lab based antigen test within 24 hours of the flight and the pre-flight declaration form is required. If your vaccine is more than 6 months old or you recovered more than 6 months ago, you will need to do 7 day quarantine (with negative PCR upon arrival and on day 7).

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