1)You must get this documented with a positive PCR test if you can’t test negative before your flight

2)You are allowed to fly to Israel 8 days after you take the PCR test (day one is the day of the test). When completing the form, do not check off that you too a pcr or antigen test. Just skip that part. You will receive a green pass as an attachment in an email after you submit the form.

3)You complete the pre-flight 48-hour form – https://corona.health.gov.il/en/flight-form-content/.  When completing the form, upload your vaccination document as a pdf and do not check off that you took a pcr or antigen test.  Just skip that part.  You will get a green pass as an attachment in an email after you submit the form.

For complete instructions regarding how to complete this form please click HERE.

4)You simply show your positive PCR to the airline and fly (it must be between 8 and 90 days from before the flight). We highly recommend that you also get a letter of recovery from a doctor since many airlines ask for this alongside the positive PCR.

5)Book your pcr for arrival: https://testngo.femi.com/en/sign-in

6)Take your pcr test at the airport when you arrive in Israel.

7) If you receive a positive pcr result on your airport test:

a) If you are more than 60 days since your positive pcr then you must go into quarantine for 5 days and follow the procedure in the next section below to leave quarantine and to be allowed to leave the country.

b) If you are within 60 days of your positive pcr then go to this link:


When completing this form:
  • load your positive pcr result from overseas
  • for the field that asks for your serological test result just load a blank page
You will receive a release from quarantine. You should receive it quickly but know that it can take a few days.  If 48 hours have passed and you have a family event or something pressing to attend please email info@yadlolim.org.


1)If you test positive in Israel after not having been positive before within 60 days of your trip, you are required to quarantine for 5 days, whether you tested positive at Ben Gurion upon your arrival or some time during the course of your stay.

2)In order to be released from quarantine on day 5, you need a lab based negative antigen test. To fly on day 6 you need to secure a letter from a doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in Israel. The letter must include your passport number and it must state that you quarantined and have recovered from corona.

If you do not know a doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in Israel you can ask for a letter via Bikur Rofe (use the hyper link that’s there). They can also be reached at *6101. You can also contact us at info@yadlolim.org for guidance regarding finding a doctor to write this letter.

3)Once 5 days of quarantine have passed and you have the doctor letter, you have two choices:

a) You can go straight to the airport and fly home with your positive pcr from at least 5 days before and your doctor’s letter.  The airlines have been instructed to allow you to fly on this basis.  If you do this, please get to the airport significantly before your flight to allow time for airport officials to clarify that this is, in fact, the rule.  In the end you will be allowed to fly but it may take more time than usual.

If you choose this option you are leaving Israel without any official documentation that you recovered from corona in Israel.  You will not be allowed to come back to Israel based on a claim that you recovered in Israel.  You will have to fulfill whatever the entry requirement will be at that future time.  

b) If you are willing to wait and get an official document of recovery from Israel, go to https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/covid-recovery-abroad@health.gov.il.

    • submit your positive pcr test result from Israel
    • where it asks for a serological test, upload the letter from the doctor stating that you have recovered

You will be sent an official document with a digital stating that you have recovered from corona

To know what the country you are traveling to requires for you to enter their country after having had corona please check with the airline or on the government website of your destination.