1)This form must be completed by each traveler individually within 48 hours of the flight.

This form will be the basis of your entry to Israel. One form per passenger.

2) It is best to provide an Israeli cell number if you can, even if it belongs to a friend. The Ministry of Health releases you from quarantine more quickly via SMS to an Israeli cell only.

3) Provide your flight information details – the name of the airline, the flight number and the estimated time that it arrives in Israel.

4) You must enter a specific isolation location, with a specific street address and house number.  There are times when addresses aren’t accepted by the form.  In that case put another address as close as possible to where you will be staying.  If the street is not listed, it can be that transliterated spelling is different, so try alternative spelling options.

5)Everyone is allowed to enter Israel even if not vaccinated or recovered.  Nevertheless, the form asks for vaccination or recovery information.  Registering these can potentially help you with regard to quarantine rules in Israel.

If you are vaccinated, convert the vaccination documents into a pdf. (It must be smaller than 1 MB. Use www.ilovepdf.com to compress the file if it is too big.)  Type in each vaccination in chronological order from earlier to later.  Then where it says “Load covid certificate” upload the pdf of your vaccination record or your EU/UK digital vaccination certificate.  Do not be concerned when you see this: “Sorry, unable to verify the certificate. If you filled out vaccination or recovery details, they will be forwarded to the Health Ministry for further processing. You can continue filling out the rest of the form.” Just continue completing the form until the end.

If you have an EU or UK digital recovery certificate with QR code from the last 6 months, type in your recovery and upload your digital recovery certificate.

6) The form asks if you took an antigen test or a PCR.  You DO NOT need to upload your PCR tests to this form or to any other Israeli government form before you travel. You give your PCR tests to the airline ticket agent at the airport.

If you are exempt from a pre-flight PCR or antigen test because you recently recovered from COVID, you do not check off any of those boxes. Just complete the form without it.

7) Once you submit the form you will get an approval right away. The last screen will say that you are okay to board.

Please download your approval

But you also need the email that confirms you did the entry hour form. That email is received immediately after you complete the form. It comes from “do-not-reply-MOH,” and the email subject is “Entry Statement.” It opens in Hebrew and is followed by English.

The incoming statement must be valid at the time of departure (not arrival in Israel).

You will need the incoming statement and the “do-not-reply” email to board.

If you do not receive an email from MOH, and you are convinced you followed the instructions, try a different email address (like Gmail).

8) You should print every single document. Print the email that came as a result of the 48-hour form even though it is long (starts in Hebrew and ends in English). Print the incoming statement and the approval. This is just to help you at the airport.

If the timing doesn’t allow you to print them for any reason you should still be okay.

For those who are vaccinated, you should also bring your original vaccination records to the airport.